Empowering Small-Scale Farmers: The Avocado Society of Kenya’s Innovative Approaches

Hunter Weber

January 13, 2023 at 9:27 pm | Updated January 20, 2023 at 9:23 pm | 3 min read

The Avocado Society of Kenya is the leading association for avocado growers, exporters, and other key players in the industry. They strive to promote efficiency and organized marketing to ensure long-term profitability for avocado agribusiness in Kenya. Their vision is to take a leading role in creating a sustainable and profitable avocado industry. The society works in partnership with public and private stakeholders to provide innovative services that empower small-scale farmers and increase productivity in response to market demands.

The Society assists growers in achieving their highest crop production potential in terms of quality and quantity. They also provide training on good agricultural practices and guide members on establishing orchards, linking them with ethical buyers, and assisting with compliance with local and global standards. There is participation in local and international avocado-themed events that provides excellent networking opportunities.

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The Avocado Society of Kenya is utilizing NIR spectroscopy to test their avocados’ quality. This technology allows for non-destructive analysis of the fruit’s composition, including the measurement of dry matter, oil content, and ripeness. By implementing this method, the Avocado Society can ensure that only the highest quality avocados are exported to buyers. This benefits not only the growers and exporters but also the consumers who get to enjoy the best quality avocados. If you want to learn more about this technology and its applications in agriculture, check out some of these articles below!

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The Avocado Society of Kenya provides a quality check service for its members by utilizing NIR spectroscopy. By using spectroscopy, the Society can provide growers and exporters with a reliable and efficient way to check the quality of their avocados, which helps to maintain a consistent level of quality and increases the competitiveness of the Kenyan avocado industry.

To learn more, visit their website!

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