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Zeafruit and Harvest Innovation: Utilizing Technology for Sustainable Fruit Cultivation

September 20, 2023 at 6:21 pm | Updated September 20, 2023 at 6:25 pm | 12 min read

In this insightful conversation, Steven from Zeafruit, a figure prominently involved in cultivating and distributing avocados and other fruits, engages in a dialogue with Galen, our Director of Applied Science at Felix Instruments. As they navigate the intricacies of sustaining a 12-month supply chain amidst the challenges posed by a single flowering event and unpredictable… Continue reading…

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Gas analysis to extend shelf life in sweet potato

Partnering with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – Savanna Agricultural Research Institute, Issah Sugri and his team are using the F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer to glean crucial insights into important commodities in Ghana. Armed with this data, the team is able to advise farmers and policy makers on low-cost methods to decrease postharvest losses and increase economic prosperity in the region.

Revolutionizing the Mexican mango industry

Extensively utilizing the F-751 Mango Quality meter throughout Mexico, Dr. Jorge Osuna and his team at INIFAP have been able to apply and combine cutting edge technologies to give farmers new access to vital quality data about their mango crops.

Building stackable models for high-efficiency breeding

Plant Geneticist Alberto De Marcos and his team at Semillas Fito are using in-depth NIRS data from the F-750 Produce Quality Meter to build and stack models of quality traits to breed better varieties of nightshade and gourd crops.

Ethylene Gas Analysis & Heat Stress Treatment in Tomato Plants

Ethylene gas is produced due to stress, as it is a signaling molecule involved in stress response by plants. Hence, scientists use ethylene measurements as one of the standard procedures to monitor stress effects in crops.

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