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The Ripening Room Resource

Scott Trimble | September 27, 2019

Post-harvest fruit ripening is a complicated process. It can produce fruits that don’t just look good but are also tasty and nutritional. Ripening rooms are even more misunderstood than the process itself. Cold storage rooms are not the right places for ripening, and, while fruits will ripen on their own, a ripening room can produce… Continue reading…

Visit With Us @ the World Avocado Congress in Medellín, Columbia!

Scott Trimble | September 20, 2019

Join Felix Instruments president, Leonard Felix, and application scientist, Eric Munoz-Garcia, at this coming week’s World Avocado Congress and get a hands-on demo with the Avocado Quality Meter! Using near-infrared-based technology, the Avocado Quality Meter measures avocado dry matter in seconds, reducing what has for years taken hours or days to measure, to mere seconds. Built for avocado… Continue reading…

We Want to See You! Conferences & Tradeshow Schedule Fall 2019

Scott Trimble | August 22, 2019

With an eye always on innovation, we’ve launched 3 new tools in the past year alone – the Avocado Quality Meter, Mango Quality Meter and the newly redesigned Plant Canopy Imager – with more to come in late 2019 and early 2020! If you’re interested in seeing live, in-person demos of our tools, we’re going… Continue reading…

Mango Quality Meter Webinar and Demonstration

| August 2, 2019

The Mango Quality Meter non-destructively measures mango dry matter and Brix, reducing what traditionally takes hours and labor, to the push of a button and a few seconds. Built using Tommy K, Altufa (also known as Champagne, Honey or Adolfo), Kent, Calypso, Keitt, and Honey Gold varieties. Watch the full webinar below. To request a quote, click… Continue reading…

Long Time Partner Dr. Jorge Osuna Presents Ataulfo Mango Dry Matter Poster at ASHS 2019

| August 2, 2019

Dr. Jorge Osuna of INIFAP, who has remained an invaluable asset to Felix Instruments over many years, presented the poster – Novel Non-Destructive Technique to Determine Optimum Harvesting Stage of Ataulfo Mango Fruit – at ASHS 2019 in Las Vegas. To view and download the poster in it’s entirety, click the image below or click here.

New Mango Quality Meter Set to Revolutionize Mango Harvests Worldwide

Scott Trimble | July 24, 2019

A new meter will be launched that guarantees ZERO fruit destruction and better crop analysis for mango growers and distributors worldwide. The Mango Quality Meter, which measures dry matter and Brix in seconds, is considered a disrupter for an industry that has traditionally depended on labour-intensive methods, and the destruction of many volumes of fruit.… Continue reading…

Mango Quality Meter Webinar and Official Launch – July 30th

| July 24, 2019

LAUNCH AND WEBINAR DETAILS Tuesday July 30th @ 8am & 8pm Pacific Time Measure mango dry matter and Brix in seconds. Map and visualize crop dry matter measurements. Accurately harvest planning. Verify incoming fruit maturity. Join us for the official launch and live demonstration of the all new Mango Quality Meter on Tuesday, July 30.… Continue reading…

Medidor de Calidad de Aguacate – Webinar y Demostración

| July 11, 2019

To request a quote, click here.

Dry Matter in Avocados: What It Is, How It’s Measured & Why It’s So Important

| July 11, 2019

The avocado is a climacteric fruit that ripens after it is harvested. The fruit needs to be picked when it is physiologically mature to ensure the avocado will continue to ripen properly. Mature fruit will develop varying tastes depending on the variety. But, if premature fruit is picked, flavor development is hindered. There are many… Continue reading…

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