Felix Instruments’ Quality Meters Set to Bear Fruit at Fruit Attraction 2021

Scott Trimble

September 30, 2021 at 12:30 am | Updated April 15, 2022 at 10:02 am | 2 min read


September 22, 2021 – The latest innovations in advanced NIR fruit maturity meters from Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science will be unveiled at Fruit Attraction 2021 in Madrid, October 5- 7 in booth #5C04C.
Experts from Felix Instruments will be on hand to discuss and show clients a range of products at the global event, which is expected to draw thousands of people and industry leaders.
Pacific Northwest-based Felix Instruments designs and engineers gas analysis and NIR assessment tools that give growers and post-harvest operations the data they need to reduce waste and generate more revenue from their commodities.
The company sees Fruit Attraction 2021 as an ideal opportunity to build partnerships, share information and showcase its latest tech.
Fruit Attraction, which is expected to attract 95,000 visitors, is the reference commercial point for the global fruit and vegetable industry. Its ability to promote world exports in the sector makes it the marketing hub for professionals that make up the entire value chain.
The focus will be firmly on Felix Instruments’ highly adaptable quality meter range and its new line of post-harvest atmosphere monitoring and control equipment. The meters use near-infrared analysis to assess dry matter, Brix and internal color – vital indicators of the overall quality and maturity of the fruit.
Dry matter assessment, an industry-standard for many commodities, has traditionally taken days to perform and is incredibly time and labor-intensive. Felix’s meters reduce this process to mere seconds.

“Fruit Attraction is the seedbed of many strategic relationships that we have enjoyed over the years,” commented Marketing Director, Scott Trimble. “It’s an excellent place to visit to get new product ideas and talk to fellow industry professionals regarding what tools are needed and what is important to growers and distributors.”

Visit Felix Instruments at booth #5C04C.


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Felix Instruments brings “big data” and AI to agriculture. Felix designs and builds measurement tools that help produce growers get to market sooner with a higher quality, more consistent product and post-harvest operations reduce waste and spoilage. Its core product lines focus on post-harvest gas analysis and pre-harvest near infrared analysis of dry matter and fruit quality. With its tools, Felix globally supplies universities, governmental organizations and commercial operations with more innovative ways to collect and use their data.
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