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Spectrometer: Hamamatsu C11708MA
Range: 640-1050 nm
Spectral Sample Size: 2.3 nm
Spectral Resolution: 20 nm (FWHM) maximum
Light Source: Halogen Tungsten Lamp with gold reflector
Lens: Fused silica coated to enhance NIR
Shutter: White painted reference standard
Display: Sunlight visible transflective LCD screen with backlight
Operating Conditions 0-50ºC, 0-90% non-condensing humidity
PC Interface: Wi-Fi
Data Recorded: Raw data, reflectance, absorbance, first derivative second derivative, GPS coordinates, Date, Time
Measurement: Dry matter
Power Source: Removable 3400 milliamp hour lithium-ion batteries
Battery Life: 500+ measurements
Body: Heavy-duty powder coated aluminum body
Dimensions: 7.1″ x 4.75″W, 1.75″ thick
Weight: 1.05 kg

F-751 Calibration Tutorial

Improving Fruit Quality and Grower Decision Making: An Interview with Dr. Ioannis Minas

Future Proof your Quality: Intro to NIR Spectroscopy and Chemometrics - Part 1

Future Proof your Quality: Building a Model - Sample Plan and Analytical Testing - Part 2

Future Proof your Quality: Building a Model - Sample Plan and Analytical Testing - Part 3

Download Video

Future Proof your Quality: Building a Model - Sample Plan and Analytical Testing - Part 4

INIFAP Researcher on NIR Tools for the Mango & Avocado Industry

Capacitación en vivo: Medidor de Calidad de Aguacate

Avocado Quality Meter Live Training

Demostración del Medidor de Calidad de Aguacate

Avocado Quality Meter Quick Start Guide

SD Card Navigation | F-750 + F-751

Adjusting the Offset | F-750 + F-751

User Interface & Menu Walkthrough | F-750 + F-751

Creating an Application with AppBuilder

AppBuilder Overview

Hass in Half the Time: Quality Testing and Applied Research with the F-751 Avocado Quality Meter

F-751 Calibración de Aguacate

Consistency is Key: Best Practices for Measurement of Dry Matter & Brix (con subtítulos en español)

El Poder del Laboratorio en la Palma de tu Mano

IICA: NIR Technology for Assessing Avocado Maturity

Consistency is Key: Best Practices for Measurement of Dry Matter & Brix with NIR

What version of firmware do you need?

location of hardware version on an F-750 device on the back of the instrument

F-751 Avocado Firmware & Software Downloads

Application Firmware Version Compatible App or Model
Current Application F-750/F-751 Avocado App (build 01/10/2023)
Legacy Model Application 751AvocadoModelV11.modelBuilder


Customer Calibration Protocol

Customer Calibration Protocol – Avocado (2-27-2023)

Installation Instructions

F-751 Firmware Update Procedure.doc
F-75X App Installation Procedure.doc

  • Does this product come with a warranty?

  • All devices from Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science come with a 12- month warranty at the point of sale. The warranty covers repairing and replacing defective parts of the instrument that were manufactured directly by Felix Instruments. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, neglect, misuse, accident, or excessive deterioration. Further, unauthorized repair and alteration by an unauthorized party voids the warranty. More information can be found in the operation manual of your instrument.

  • Is the Avocado Quality Meter waterproof?

  • The Avocado Quality Meter is not designed to be waterproof and should not be used underwater. The Avocado Quality Meter is designed to be water-resistant. Use in light rain is fine, however, there are electronics inside of the Avocado Quality Meter that can be damaged from water entering the instrument, so it is not recommended to use the Avocado Quality Meter during heavy rainfall.

  • What are the operating conditions of this product?

  • The recommended operating temperature range for the Avocado Quality Meter is 0 – 50° Celsius.

  • Does the Avocado Quality Meter work on small avocados?

  • The model was built using size 36 to 48 avocados. Due to NIR transmittance, the pit of smaller avocados are more likely to interfere with dry matter measurements. We do not know the avocado size cutoff, but for the most accurate measurements we recommend that the avocados fall within the range that the model was built on.

  • Do I need to build my own avocado model?

  • No! The Avocado Quality Meter is preloaded with a robust model and fully calibrated when it leaves out production facility.

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