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Understanding Chemometrics for NIR Spectroscopy

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 29, 2021

Chemometrics is a multidisciplinary approach referring to the analysis of large, complex chemical data obtained from spectroscopic measurements. Chemometric tools are used in research, quality control, and in food processing. They are useful for a wide variety of professionals such ...

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Optimizing Long-Term Potato Storage with Ethylene Measurement

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 26, 2021

Cold storage facilities aiming to reduce ethylene production and respiration rates in potatoes require considerable power consumption for cooling and ventilation. Lowering power consumption has become a major goal to bring down the costs of storage. A group of scientists ...

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Spectrophotometry in 2021

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 19, 2021

Spectrophotometers have come a long way from the first model invented in 1940. Miniaturized and combined with other modern technology, these devices now have a wide range of research and practical applications in food, medical, industrial, and environmental fields. This ...

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Gas Analysis for Humane Poultry Euthanasia

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 12, 2021

On-farm euthanasia is sometimes necessary. The method for this type of euthanasia must be efficient and easy, as it is performed by a single operator. The procedure must also be humane and, in many places, it must meet stringent governmental ...

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Measuring Gas Exchange in Biosynthesis of Phytochemicals

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 2, 2021

Scientists are constantly searching for reliable and affordable sources of medicines. It is well known that many plants have medicinal value and trace amounts of the phytochemicals of interest. However, the production of medicines from these plants requires that harvesting ...

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