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F-900 Ethylene Zero-Calibration
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F-900 Manual
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Air Sampling Rate: 80 ml/min
Measuring Rate: 1 second intervals, open or closed loop
Display: Sunlight visible transflective LCD
Operating Environment: 0°C – 45°C; 0-90% humidity non-condensing
Battery Capacity: 5 hours – Rechargeable Li-Ion (5000 mAh)
Dimensions: 255 mm (L) x 210 mm (W) x 138 mm (H; includes body with legs)
Weight: 2.96 kg
Enclosure: Anodized aluminum
Warm-up Time: 1 min (C2H4)

C2H4 PPB Sensor

Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Range: 0-10 ppm
Resolution: 0.001 ppm
Accuracy: 5% ± 0.025 ppm
Lower Detection Limit: 0.025 ppm (25 ppb)

C2H4 PPM Sensor

Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Range: 0-200 ppm
Resolution: 0.1 ppm
Accuracy: 5% ± 0.5 ppm
Lower Detection Limit: 0.5 ppm

CO2 PPM Sensor (optional)

Sensor Type: Low-power non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer
Range: 0-2000 ppm
Resolution: 0.1 ppm
Accuracy: 5%

CO2 PCT Sensor (optional)

Sensor Type: Infrared sensor, pyroelectric detector
Range: 0-20%
Resolution: 0.01%
Accuracy: 5%

O2 Sensor (optional)

Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Range: 0-100%
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: 5%

What version of firmware do you need?

Hardware Version Firmware Version
Less than 6


F-900 Firmware & Software Downloads

Version Download Installation Instructions Release Notes (Aug 2017) ci-900m_v4.7.0.7.bin F_900_Package_Installation_Instructions.pdf release_notes_f-900.html (Nov 2015) ci-900-v4.6.6.0.bin F_900_Package_Installation_Instructions.pdf release_notes_f-900.html
Package Setup v1.3 F-900_Package_Setup_v1.3.exe The “F-900 Package Setup” installs the latest versions of the Firmware Update Tool and F-900 Controller.


G.A.S Software

Software used for real-time monitoring and control of the F-900, as well as recalibration of F-900 units.

G.A.S Software F-9x_G_A_S_v0.61Beta.msi


  • Does this product come with a warranty?

  • All devices from Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science come with a 12- month warranty at the point of sale. The warranty covers repairing and replacing defective parts of the instrument that were manufactured directly by Felix Instruments. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, neglect, misuse, accident, or excessive deterioration. Further, unauthorized repair and alteration by an unauthorized party voids the warranty. More information can be found in the operation manual of your instrument.

  • Is the Produce Quality Meter waterproof?

  • The Portable Ethylene Analyzer is not designed to be waterproof and should not be used underwater. The Portable Ethylene Analyzer is designed to be water-resistant. Use in light rain is fine, however, there are electronics inside of the Portable Ethylene Analyzer that can be damaged from water entering the instrument, so it is not recommended to use the Portable Ethylene Analyzer during heavy rainfall.

  • How do I calibrate the instrument?

  • Please refer to page number 25 in the User Manual.

  • What are the operating conditions of this product?

  • The operating conditions of the Produce Quality Meter are 0 – 45° Celsius and 0%-90% noncondensing humidity.

  • How does the sample reach the analyzer?

  • In Continuous monitoring mode, gas enters through the inlet of the device and is drawn in by the pump. The inlet can be free of tubing, in which case it will measure ambient air, or it can be connected by tubing to a chamber or other measurement location or apparatus. In GC Emulation Mode samples are injected into a special port that connects to both the inlet and outlet of the device

  • What is the difference between the F-900RK and the F-900?

  • The F-900 is the ethylene analyzer. The F-900RK is an optional accessory kit for the F-900 that includes a 2L chamber, connetion wand, injection port kit for small gas samples, and a hard carrying case.

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