New Release: AppBuilder v2.2.7.1306 Elevates User Experience with Enriched Features and Bug Fixes

Hunter Weber

July 25, 2023 at 9:33 pm | Updated July 25, 2023 at 9:33 pm | 2 min read

Felix Instruments is thrilled to bring you the latest software update for AppBuilder, v2.2.7.1306, boasting a blend of new features and critical bug fixes to refine your user experience.

Here is a quick summary of the changes made:

  • Issues ranging from text translation to data file imports have been resolved, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • A key feature: users can now create and save projects as files, cutting down on project load and train times.
  • User flexibility is increased with new options for derivative and absorbance calculations.
  • Data management has been enhanced, with users now able to remove data files from the training set.
  • AppBuilder’s performance has been boosted with the upgraded R version and improvements to project loading times.

Detailed Improvement List

Now, having highlighted the main enhancements and fixes, let’s delve into the specifics. Understanding these changes in detail will give you a  picture of how AppBuilder v2.2.7.1306 is set to improve your user experience:

  • Project Folder Enhancement: AppBuilder users now enjoy the luxury of saving their projects as folders, a change that enhances performance and reduces load time.
  • Improved Spectra Update: The current version ensures imported spectra updates align perfectly with adjustments to wavelength settings.
  • Enhanced Data Management: Users can now remove data files from the Training Set and the database, increasing flexibility in data management.
  • Streamlined Pasting: The “Error pasting data” issue that emerged when copying cells longer than the paste area has been resolved.
  • Expanded Calculation Options: Users can now opt for second derivative, first derivative, absorbance, and reflectance in AppBuilder.
  • Revamped Welcome Screen: The Welcome Screen now features a new look and feel for an improved user experience.
  • Swift Project Load Times: The project load times have significantly improved thanks to the new project folder format.
  • Resolved Data Import Issues: The recent problem involving importing data files has been laid to rest in this latest version.
  • Expanded Spectra Export Options: In addition to Absorbance, 1st derivative, and 2nd derivative, users can now export raw, unprocessed spectra.
  • Upgraded R Version: The R script no longer fails on clean Windows installs with the upgraded R version.
  • Optimized Data Logging: AppBuilder has removed temporary data logging to enhance performance.
  • Simplified Installation Process: Users will no longer need admin rights to install the dotnet runtime and will now receive accurate prompts.

We trust these enriched features and bug fixes will create a more enjoyable and efficient user experience in AppBuilder v2.2.7.1306. We will be happy to help explain these new features or answer any questions. Felix Instruments is grateful for your continued support and values your insightful feedback. Happy modeling!

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