Exceptional Coffee, Exceptional Quality: How Paris Brothers Specialty Foods Harnesses the Power of the F-920 Check It Gas Analyzer

Hunter Weber

May 29, 2024 at 5:27 pm | Updated May 29, 2024 at 5:27 pm | 2 min read

Paris Brothers Specialty Foods, synonymous with quality and expertise in the food service industry, is a leader in specialty food distribution and a pioneer in coffee roasting and production. With a profound commitment to quality, Paris Brothers supplies millions of pounds of private-label coffee to major retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club each year.

At the heart of their coffee production is Dan Meeks, Senior Manager of QA and Compliance. Dan has been instrumental in scaling Paris Brothers’ coffee operations to meet soaring demand. His extensive role includes ensuring the highest standards across various facets of production, from cheese manufacturing to managing a vast coffee roasting operation.

The F-920 Check It Gas Analyzer from Felix Instruments is a critical tool in Dan’s arsenal. Utilized 50-100 times daily, this device is crucial for measuring residual oxygen in coffee packaging, a key step in guaranteeing the coffee’s shelf life and flavor. “We use it 50 to 100 times a day now, and it’s worked perfectly daily,” Dan shared. “My predecessor bought our original 920 before I got here, and I loved it so much I bought another one.”

The journey to the F-920 wasn’t without trials. In an effort to cut costs, Dan explored alternative solutions, but none matched the efficiency and accuracy of the F-920. “I found a $400-$500 model on Amazon, and we used it for a couple of weeks, but it just wasn’t worth it,” Dan explained. “The 920 is nice because you turn it on, it takes a reading, and then it turns off automatically. The other meter I tried took a long time to warm up and had to be left on all day. It was also slow to take readings, wasn’t accurate, and the needle constantly clogged. With the 920, you stick it in the bag, it gets a reading in 20 seconds, and then turns off until the next use.”

Paris Brothers’ reliance on the F-920 is a testament to its design, which is tailored specifically for high-stakes quality control in food production. This device integrates seamlessly into daily operations and supports Paris Brothers’ continuous growth and commitment to quality.

For those in the food industry seeking reliable, efficient quality control solutions, the F-920 Check It Gas Analyzer represents the pinnacle of precision and reliability. Request a quote for the Felix Instruments F-920 and discover how this innovative tool can dramatically enhance the quality assurance of your production processes.

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