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Firmware Update Tool 

Follow the instructions to update the firmware on your
F-750 Produce Quality Meter. 

Updates may include bug fixes, interface improvements, and new features.

Firmware versions 1.2 and greater are only compatible with Windows 10.

F-750 Model Builder Software

Software runs on a PC and allows users to create new models and calibrations from F-750 training set data and destructive reference values. Software provides full statistical analysis of model fitness.

System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Standard SD cards require SD card reader or USB 2.0 port and compatible adapter. Wireless SD cards require WiFi access. No internet connection required.

** Please note: user accounts on the Windows platform with a space in their name may experience issues using the ModelBuilder software

Data Viewer 

This program allows you to view measurements and training sets collected with the F-750 Produce Quality Meter. It can also export the data to a .csv file which can be opened with a spreadsheet program for easier manipulation and viewing. Data Viewer checks for updates upon start up and is highly recommended to update whenever an update is available.

Firmware Update Tool: v1.2.0.13102 (Apr 2019) - Windows 10+
Release Notes
Model Builder version: v1.3.0.192 (Apr 2017)
Data Viewer version: v1.2.0.75 (Mar 2019)
Firmware Update Tool: v1.2.0.13102 (October 2017)
Model Builder version: v1.3.0.177 (Mar 2017)
Firmware Update Tool: v1.1.0.5702 (Jan 2016)