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September: Meet FRUIT MAPS! The world's first FREE interactive harvest map!

Meet Fruit Maps!  What is it? While the F-750 Produce Quality Meter has been on the market and in use for a few years now, this fall Felix Instruments took the device a step further. They’ve partnered with Kerry Walsh, a professor ...

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February 2017, February News and Resources for Postharvest Pros

5 Helpful Resources for Postharvest Technology Pros Each year we visit UC Davis for excellent Postharvest Technology workshops on topics ranging from ripening to produce quality. This April (as you’ll see in our event lineup down below), we’ll be exhibiting ...

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January 2017, How Delicious Mangoes Get to You

There was a time when the only way to enjoy fresh fruit was to pick it right off of the tree and eat it. But thanks to our modern fresh produce supply chain, we now enjoy fruit from around the ...

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December 2016, Happy New Year - Let's do this

Still working on resolutions? We have some ideas.

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