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How Aging Affects Portable NIR Spectrophotometer

Scott Trimble | January 13, 2022

The use of precision tools, such as spectrophotometers, to measure fruit quality in farms is rising with the advent of affordable technology. Like any other tool, one could expect that age and improper maintenance might take their toll, affecting the accuracy of quality estimations. The study explored in this article was designed specifically to test this… Continue reading…

Fruit and vegetable zone in supermarket
Fruit and vegetable zone in supermarket

The Importance of Food Quality Testing

Scott Trimble | December 21, 2021

Feeding the world’s growing population requires great quantities of food and accurately measuring the quality of that food is vital to sustained personal and economic health. Food quality testing is necessary to monitor and control quality parameters throughout the fresh produce supply chain to meet consumer demands and extend shelf life. What are Food Quality… Continue reading…

MAP Requirements by Product Type: Produce, Meat, Seafood & Dairy

Scott Trimble | December 9, 2021

There is ample research on Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) specification for storing and transporting a wide range of fresh and perishable food items like vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and dairy products. Passive MAP is useful for fresh produce, while active packaging is more relevant for non-respiring animal products. This packaging technology is becoming more important,… Continue reading…

Internal Color of Fresh Produce: Importance and Applications

Internal Color of Fresh Produce: Importance and Applications

Scott Trimble | November 30, 2021

Measuring internal color of produce can provide stakeholders with vital consumer acceptance and quality information. Internal color can attract consumers and improve the value of a product or, just as easily, have the opposite effect. Spoiled fresh produce can also be quickly identified by changes in internal color. It is easily visible to the human… Continue reading…

Animal Welfare Assessment of Turkey Euthanasia Methods

Scott Trimble | November 3, 2021

The concern for animal welfare is not restricted only to conditions in which animals are reared, but also covers how they are euthanized. Animal processing facilities have long adopted humane methods, but occasionally, on-farm euthanasia is necessary, and is thus also being explored. Scientists are concentrating on animal welfare and operator-related issues to choose euthanasia… Continue reading…

Latest News in Plant and Crop Research: October 2021

Scott Trimble | October 29, 2021

Plant research is focused on physicochemical and biochemical attributes, as well as physiological processes to establish basic plant science. These are applied in crop research to improve productivity and also reduce the ecological footprint of conventional farming. Today, we give ten of this year’s important discoveries in plant and crop science the “tl;dr” treatment, providing… Continue reading…

Headspace Analysis & Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): Importance and Applications

Scott Trimble | October 26, 2021

Many of the nutritional benefits of food are inexorably connected to freshness. Hence, the focus of packaging is evolving from simply extending shelf life to also preserving food quality. This becomes more important when food is not processed, but is sold fresh. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) can slow the processes that cause deterioration of food… Continue reading…

Calculating the Cost of Citrus Degreening

Scott Trimble | October 14, 2021

Degreening of postharvest citrus allows growers, suppliers, and distributors more flexibility to react to market demands. However, for a long time, there was no clarity on the costs of degreening. Not being able to anticipate total production costs is a major obstacle for any grower. So, a team of multidisciplinary scientists decided to track the… Continue reading…

Felix Instruments Attends Fruit Attraction 2021

Scott Trimble | October 8, 2021

From familiar faces to exciting new projects, Fruit Attraction 2021 has been a tremendous success! Thank you to all who stopped by, we are so glad to have had the opportunity to meet with you. Thank you also to our wonderful distributors Fresh Produce Instruments and Pro-Lite Technology, for helping to take this conference from… Continue reading…

Assessing Multiblock Chemomtrics in Food Analysis

Scott Trimble | October 1, 2021

Precision instruments that take non-destructive measurements of fruit quality parameters are becoming routine throughout global supply chains. Chemometric modeling is a crucial part of this new food science technology. Using applicable chemometric modeling techniqes can increase the accuracy of existing devices by providing better ways of analyzing complex spectral data collected from food. Hence, it… Continue reading…

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