Innovative Conversations: Avocado Quality at the World Avocado Congress 2023

Hunter Weber

August 29, 2023 at 3:54 pm | Updated August 29, 2023 at 3:54 pm | < 1 min read

Felix Instruments is thrilled to present a glimpse into the future of avocado quality assessment at the World Avocado Congress 2023. This renowned event brought together industry leaders and pioneers to showcase the cutting-edge technology and innovation shaping the field.

A highlight of the congress was an exclusive video interview with Galen, our director of applied science, conducted by the World Avocado Congress. In this engaging conversation, Galen provided insight into the F-751 Avocado Quality Meter, an innovative device that is transforming how we measure avocado quality.

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Why Should You Watch the Interview?

A Closer Look at New Innovations: Explore the F-751 Avocado Quality Meter, which quickly and harmlessly assesses dry matter.
Expert Insights: Hear Galen’s insights on how the device is implemented within the industry and why it’s vital for ongoing advancement.
Opportunities and Collaboration: Step inside the World Avocado Congress, a vital center for collaboration, creativity, and emerging ideas.

The World Avocado Congress interview with Galen is a must-see for anyone invested in agriculture technology, avocados or interested in the ongoing advancements within these sectors.

We are honored to share this conversation, and we encourage you to watch the interview to understand why the World Avocado Congress was an ideal event for the New Zealand avocado market.

To learn more about the Avocado Meter, head here!

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