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Utilizing Non-Destructive Sensors to Improve Fruit Quality and Grower Decision Making: An Interview with Dr. Ioannis Minas

March 16, 2023 at 4:19 pm | Updated March 23, 2023 at 3:54 pm | 12 min read

  Assistant Professor Dr. Ioannis Minas from Colorado State University joined us recently to discuss his research and give a behind-the-scenes look at how he uses the F-750 Produce Quality Meter. Our Director of Applied Science, Galen George, and Dr. Minas discussed how traditional fruit quality testing methods are being replaced by modern technology. Dr.… Continue reading…

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | February 6, 2023
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Precision Techniques can make Horticulture Sustainable

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | January 12, 2023

Precision horticulture can increase yields with fewer inputs.  These techniques optimize growing conditions by improving decision-making based on analyzed data to maximize fresh produce quality and yield.  Monitoring quality in all stages is crucial for horticulture crops.  Precision horticulture techniques are suitable for outdoor and indoor farms.  Precision horticulture is becoming attractive as it reduces… Continue reading…

Value Addition to Reduce Post-Harvest Losses

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | December 26, 2022

 We need to increase our food production to feed a growing population without using more land and water resources.  One way of improving food security is to reduce food loss in developed and developing countries by value addition.  Food value-addition initiatives exist at small scales around the globe, some of which have export potential.  Maintaining… Continue reading…

Improving Avocado Quality

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | December 5, 2022

Quality avocados must be safe for consumption and satisfy consumer preferences like appearance and taste.   Dry matter content is crucial in estimating maturity, storage, and transport conditions, ripening duration, oil content, and consumer satisfaction.  Management during the production and postharvest stages is crucial to meet consumer preferences for avocados.  Avocados of different qualities can be… Continue reading…

How Warmer Nights Change Dry Matter Accumulation in Apples

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | November 17, 2022

Dry matter is the total of all solids in fruit, starch, sugars, lipids, pigments, acids, etc. We know farm management practices can influence dry matter accumulation in apples. There are also regional dissimilarities due to weather and soil differences. New findings indicate nocturnal temperature variations can also change dry matter. So how would dry matter accumulation… Continue reading…

Cantaloupe melons growing in a greenhouse

Melon Fruit: Quality, Production & Physiology

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | September 22, 2022

Making Sense of the Magical, Mystical Melon   Melons have been around for many millennia, and there are several varieties, both landraces, and new hybrids worldwide. Climacteric and non-climacteric ripening is seen in the various melon varieties. External inspection of sensory attributes like rind color or flavor development is not objective to decide ripeness or… Continue reading…

apple orchard on a sunny day

Ethylene Measurement & Rootstock Influence in Apple

Dr. Vijayalaxmi Kinhal | August 15, 2022

How Rootstocks Influence Apple Fruit Quality and Yield   Besides influencing tree growth and yield of scion cultivars, rootstocks also affect fruit maturity in apples. The experiment found a climacteric pattern, where ethylene production, respiration rates, and oxygen consumption peaked after 5–7 days in fruits produced from all rootstocks. The 17 rootstocks have significant differences… Continue reading…

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