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Felix Instruments’ Dr. Reidel Visits Don Julio Tequila in Mexico

Met with representatives from Don Julio Tequila (which owns and uses the CI-340 Photosynthesis System) and Raul Garcia, President of Comité Nacional Del Sistema Producto Agave Tequila.

Mission Produce Speaks to Fructidor About How They Use the Felix Instruments Avocado Quality Meter

We had the opportunity to chat with Adrian Rico, Research and Development Project Engineer at Mission Produce Inc., about their use and experience with the Felix Instruments Avocado Quality Meter. Founded in 1983 and one of the first to import Mexican avocados to the US with USDA approval, Mission Produce is now one of the… Continue reading…

Dry Matter Readings in 12 Seconds: LIVE DEMONSTRATION & WEBINAR

REGISTER HERE FOR 8AM | REGISTER HERE FOR 6PM Tuesday, June 25th (Times are PST – Pacific Time) Every avocado grower and distributor has 2 problems in measuring dry matter. 1) Using a microwave or dehydrator takes a long time to gather measurements and 2) Gathering dry matter is inherently destructive – it destroys your… Continue reading…