F-950 Software

Current Version


The “F-950 Package Setup” installs the latest versions of the Firmware Update Tool and F-950 Controller.

Firmware Update Tool

Allows for installation of the newest firmware releases onto F-950 units.
The latest firmware version can be downloaded below.


*It is recommended to use G.A.S Software instead of Controller (can be downloading by clicking link below)

Software used for real-time monitoring and control of the F-950, as well as recalibration of F-950 units.


The latest release of firmware for the F-950.

*Hardware Version Firmware Version

Less than 4

4 and greater

*Hardware version is the middle digit of the Serial Number. For example, if the serial number is F-950-004-17001 then the hardware version is 4. Check the back of your instrument to find your serial number

G.A.S Software

This software is only compatible for hardware version 4 and higher. 

Release Notes

The release notes provide specific information about what changes there are in the newest firmware version.

F-950 Package Setup version: 1.2 (Nov 2015)
Installation Instructions in PDF form
Current Firmware Version (April 2017)
Firmware Upgrade Instructions
Firmware: v1.9.5.4 (Aug 2017)
Release Notes: HW Version 3 and lower
Release Notes: HW Version 4 and higher
Release Notes - F950 HW V4 and Higher (8-9-2017).pdf
F-9x G.A.S Software