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Felix's Innovations Prepare to Bloom at Fruit Logistica, 2019

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Jan. 23, 2019



With a spirit of innovation at its core, Felix Instruments – Applied Food Science is gearing up its newest tech for the global fruit industry's main event - Fruit Logistica - in Berlin, February 6-8.

Leonard Felix and the Felix Instruments products can be seen at the following booths:

Interko – Hall 1.2 / D-12
Catalytic Generators – Hall 26 / F-01
Step Systems – Hall 21 / B-06

Pacific Northwest-based, Felix Instruments designs and engineers gas analysis and NIR assessment tools that give growers and post-harvest operations the data they need to reduce waste and generate more revenue from their commodities.

As an industry leader in tech innovation, the company sees Fruit Logistica as an ideal opportunity to build partnerships, share information and showcase its latest tech.

Fruit Logistica is indeed a global event, attended by a worldwide roster of industry leaders, with many looking for new products, new regions, and new technology.

This year, Felix Instruments will be present with industry partners in three different booths:

STEP Systems GmbH, which focuses on the fresh produce industry in Germany and Eastern Europe; Interko, a builder of ripening rooms, based in Delft, Holland; and
Catalytic Generators, a developer of ethylene ripening systems.

"Fruit Logistica has been the seedbed of many strategic relationships that we have enjoyed over the years," said Felix Instruments President Leonard Felix. "It's an excellent place to visit to get new product ideas and talk to fellow industry professionals regarding what tools are needed and what is important to growers and shippers. Felix added, "These annual face-to-face meetings keep innovation pumping. From a business point of view, we can identify which industry needs we should be investing in."

The focus this year will be on Felix Instruments’ newly launched Avocado Quality Meter and its new AccuRipe and AccuStore line of post-harvest atmosphere monitoring and control equipment.

The newly launched and now shipping Avocado Quality Meter uses near infrared analysis to assess avocado dry matter – a key indicator of the overall quality and ripeness of an avocado. Dry matter assessment, which is an industry standard, has traditionally taken days to perform and is incredibly time and labour-intensive. The new Avocado Quality Meter reduces all of this to a 12 second scan of the avocado.

Mr. Felix remarked, "This tool is going to revolutionize the industry because this process has in the past meant that growers had to invest in multiple workers and the associated lab equipment over a number of days just to get a snippet of the data we can now achieve in seconds."

The company plans to launch quality meters for the mango and kiwi industries later this year.

Felix Instruments products can be seen at the following booths:

Interko – Hall 1.2 / D-12
Catalytic Generators – Hall 26 / F-01
Step Systems – Hall 21 / B-06

About Felix Instruments –

Felix Instruments brings “big data” to agriculture. Felix designs and builds measurement tools that help produce growers get to market sooner with a higher quality, more consistent product and post-harvest operations reduce waste and spoilage. Its core product lines focus on post-harvest gas analysis and pre-harvest near infrared analysis of dry matter and fruit quality. With its tools, Felix supplies universities, governmental organizations and commercial operations around the world with more innovative ways to collect and use their data.

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