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Felix Instruments Avocado Quality Meter to Feature at Key Colombian Industry Conference

Posted by: Scott Trimble
Nov. 30, 2021


Friday November 30, 2021

Felix Instruments Avocado Quality Meter to Feature at Key Colombian Industry Conference

Camas, Washington: The ground-breaking Avocado Quality Meter from Felix Instruments will be highlighted at a major conference of industry leaders at Territorio Aguacate, in Medellin, Colombia, December 2-3.

Pacific Northwest-based Felix Instruments is a leading innovator in the fruit quality assessment industry, and Territorio Aguacate offers an opportunity for fruit producers and distributors to learn more about their newly-improved F-751 Avocado Quality Meter.

During the conference, Felix Instruments will be hosting an AvoTalk, 11am-11:40am, on Friday December 3.

Application Scientist, Eric Munoz, Customer Relationship Manager, Ivonne Chica, and representatives from Felix distributor, Insak, will offer a live demonstration of the Avocado Quality Meter and discuss its successful integration into existing systems.

Attendees will be able to get a feel for the Avocado Quality Meter in action and learn how Felix users are working the device seamlessly into their workflows. There will also be an update on improvements to the F-751, with an emphasis on technology, accuracy and data management.

The F-751 Avocado Quality Meter enables near instantaneous assessment of avocado maturity and dry matter. Used by Mission Produce, Camposol, and Del Monte, to name a few, the device makes dry matter measurement effortless, increases testing consistency, and reduces measurement time by 95%.

During the AvoTalk, conference-goers will discover how the highly adaptable quality meter uses near-infrared analysis to assess dry matter, a vital indicator of overall fruit quality and ripeness. Dry matter assessment traditionally took days to perform, but the F-751 reduces that to a 12-second scan at the push of a button.

The Avocado Quality Meter offers cost savings in manpower, reduces guesswork and all but eliminates the need to destroy fruit. The Meter provides more data, while measuring more fruit in less time, helping growers make their best decisions at harvest.

The F-751 comes with the opportunity to use Fruit Maps, a free interactive harvest map application, co-created by Felix Instruments and Central Queensland University.

Territorio Aguacate is the primary knowledge and business event for Colombia’s avocado sector. Focused on sustainability, productivity, and global market trends, this exciting 3rd meeting seeks to promote cutting-edge technology, encourage industry research and investment, and connect the sector with world markets.

About Felix Instruments:

Felix Instruments-Applied Food Science, founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of CID Bio-Science, Inc, puts decades of experience engineering plant science tools to work for the commercial agriculture sector. Focusing on pre-and postharvest applications, the company helps fresh market professionals maximize the value of their products with their gas and NIR-based analysis tools.

Felix Instruments:

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