If you don't measure Ethylene, you can't control it!

Posted by: CID Staff
Feb. 24, 2015

The F-950 Handheld Ethylene Analyzer puts the power of highly-sensitive gas analysis into a small handheld device.The F-950 can be scaled to use anywhere on the produce line, analyzing spaces as large as a shipping container or a small as a single bag of salad.

The F-950 is ideal for:

- Performing MAP Quality Assurance for Ethylene-Sensitive Products
- Inspecting Storage and Packing Environments
- Optimizing Storage Atmosphere Conditions
- Verifying Ethylene Mitigation Efficacy

Learn More about Ethylene and Felix Instruments
If you would like to learn more about ethylene, read our white paper, Ethylene 101! For more information about the F-950 and our other Felix Instruments products, please visit our website. If you would like pricing information for any of our instruments, please submit a quote request or contact us directly at or (360) 833-8835. 
              Felix Instruments Goes Abroad

On February 1st, Application Scientist Andrea Melnychenko hopped aboard a flight to Amsterdam and set out on a month long trip to Europe, India, and New York. Over the past few weeks, Andrea attended Fruit Logistica 2015 in Berlin, and visited innovative companies in the Netherlands such as such as DQFS, a fruit surveying company, and Fresh Innovations, a group that provides quality information about fresh produce in shops for market leaders, retail chains and fruit and vegetables traders.


Then, last week, Andrea headed to New Delhi to meet with our Indian distributor, Spectra Agritec, in order to provide training sessions, and to present our product line to their network of universities and partners. There, she had the opportunity to give a lecture to a Food Packaging class in the Food Engineering Department at the National Institute for Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, an experience she described as “very rewarding!”


This week Andrea is back in the States, making visits around New York. We are excited to welcome her back to the Felix Instruments headquarters in Camas, Washington, and to hear more about her travels.

To see more of Andrea's trip, and to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings at Felix Instruments, check out our blog!

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