Apple researcher works directly with Felix Instruments Application Scientists to improve his work

Posted by: Chelsea Gaya
July 31, 2017

Felix Instruments is a small firm in Washington state. We are Engineers, Developers, Scientists, Researchers, and all passionate about our job. We help farmers like you send out the best quality product from start to finish.
We help reduce food waste, we help increase farm profit. We help good things stay fresh for longer periods of time.
We help YOU feed the world. Here are a few ways we are working with people just like you to create the exact instruments they need for the work they are most passionate about.

Read how this applied apple researcher worked directly with Felix Instruments Application Scientists
to improve his work.


Felix Instruments finds sweet welcome at
2017 International Mango Symposium in    Baise, China

At the 2017 International Mango Symposium, hosted in Baise City, China, Felix Instruments brought along the F-750 Produce Quality Meter to demonstrate the possibility of a Mango-only Quality Meter. 

In collaboration with a research team at Central Queensland University, Felix Scientists have been applying NIR (Near Infrared) spectroscopy practices in gauging and predicting mango maturity. With the collected data on Calypso Mangoes, the team has created a demonstration model for the Mango Quality Meter, as well as a demonstration for the upcoming FREE feature to be offered with the F-750-  Fruit Maps. 

Fruit Maps is an app designed by the Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science and Central Queensland University teams that allows farmers and F-750 users to apply stored data to gauge and predict fruit maturity en masse. Using satellite imaging, Fruit Maps provides an aerial view of a user's entire farm. The app then allows the user to draw sections in the farm as preferred, and distinguish harvest times based on collected data.
Fruit Maps uses algorithms and information entered to show current maturity, as well as predict peak harvest times for each farmer's lot.
While Fruit Maps is not available for market use yet, Felix Instruments- Applied Food Science is working hard to announce an available version for use in the near future. 
Click on the video below for a real time demonstration showing just a few (of MANY!) features of Fruit Maps, only from Felix Instruments. 

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