How to choose the perfect gas analyzer for you!

Posted by: Judith Edwards
March 28, 2016

Having trouble choosing the perfect gas analyzer? Here are some helpful hints from our Application Science team that should help you choose the best gas analyzer for your work!

If you're looking for a gas analyzer that is portable and sensitive, check out our F-940 Store It! Gas Analyzer. The F-940 is perfect for storage facilities who want to inspect rooms and containers to ensure that ethylene levels are low, and that CO2 and O2 levels are optimized.

For a broad-use and convenient gas analyzer, take a look at our F-950 Three Gas Analyzer. Able to measure low-levels and read ethylene up to 200 ppm, the F-950 is the right choice for on-the-go inspectors and QA professionals who need a tool to provide consistent, repeatable measurements.

Want a gas analyzer with a higher-range, specifically designed for ripening? Our F-960 RipenIt! Gas Analyzer might be the best option for you! Ripening fruit is an art and a science, and the F-960 provides the CO2, O2, and ethylene data to drive decisions about how to best manage fruit during the ripening process. 

If you need a sensitive and versatile gas analyzer, then our F-900 Portable Ethylene Analyzer is a great option for you! The preferred instrument for research labs and dynamic QA departments, the F-900 can measure ethylene continuously in real-time or from incubating samples like a gas chromatograph.

To get a better sense of the capabilities of our ethylene analysis tools, see our infographic below or contact us at 360-822-8835 or at to speak with an Application Scientist!

Looking for a simple headspace gas analyzer? Check out our F-920 Check It! Gas Analyzer


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