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NIR Spectroscopy for Post-Harvest Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Posted by: Jamie Haase
March 10, 2020

Near Infra-red (NIR) spectroscopy is a powerful tool that can make the fresh produce supply more transparent and reduce food waste. Moreover, it can increase competitiveness during price fixation. NIR spectroscopy is now available in portable devices that can monitor ...

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NIR Spectroscopy in Animal Production

Posted by: Jamie Haase
March 2, 2020

With meat consumption steadily increasing each year, long-distance trade and storage in animal products are an essential aspect of the industry. The role of portable Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy in optimizing meat production is not widely known. This technology can single-handedly ...

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A Quality Meter for the Mango Supply Chain

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Feb. 25, 2020

Mangoes are one of the major tropical fruits produced and exported globally. Efficiently producing and supplying fruits can increase profits for the stakeholders in the industry. The use of NIR spectroscopy to measure mango maturity at harvest time by estimating ...

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Now You're Speakin My Language!

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Feb. 18, 2020

Did you know our F-750 and F-751 Quality Meters can operate in 4 different languages? This includes our original F-750 Produce Quality Meter, F-751 Avocado Quality Meter, F-751 Mango Quality Meter, and our new F-751 Kiwi Quality Meter! Currently, we ...

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SIAGRO International Exhibition of Food Industries & Techniques

Posted by: Jamie Haase
Feb. 14, 2020

In less than 1 month over 30,000 attendees and over 120 exhibitors will flood Dakar, Senegal, for one of the biggest food events of the year in Africa! This will be the 1st annual event and they've laid out their ...

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