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5 useful resources you’ll find on the UC Davis Postharvest Technology website.

Posted by: Judith Edwards
Jan. 31, 2017

Each year we visit UC Davis for awesome Postharvest Technology workshops on topics ranging from ripening to produce quality. Even after attending the same workshops multiple times, we still come away with new and useful information. In fact, our staff references the UC Davis Postharvest Technology website, as well as resources we’ve obtained through workshops, on a weekly basis for our own work and to assist our customers.


Below are five science-backed resources you’ll find on the UC Davis Postharvest Technology website that we think are super useful for a postharvest pro.


1. Storage Recommendations

Wondering how to store your commodity? Check out the UC Davis Postharvest Tech center’s storage recommendations which include recommendations for temperature, humidity, length of time, ethylene production, and CA conditions.


2. Produce Fact Sheets

Everything you ever wanted to know about a specific variety of fresh produce (and maybe even more than you wanted to know) can be found in the Produce Fact Sheets on the Postharvest Technology site. Simply click on one of the cute little illustrated commodity buttons to see facts ranging from rates of ethylene production, maturity indices, disorders, and more!


3. Publications

Looking for scientific research on a specific commodity or postharvest topic? The publication database on the UC Davis Postharvest site is a great place to begin. They have over 1,700 different publications that are searchable and categorized by topic.


4. Book Reviews

In the market for a new postharvest read this year? Check out the Book Reviews section of the UC Davis Postharvest website for a list of excellent postharvest literature, complete with specific reviews written by UC Davis Postharvest faculty.


5. Video Library

We’re always amazed that the UC Davis Postharvest video library is free! If you can’t make it to one of the postharvest technology workshops at UC Davis (which we highly recommend attending), these videos are an excellent stand-in for postharvest professionals. Postharvest researchers and experts provide both hands-on and high-level information on topics like handling, food safety, and transportation!


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